Sunday, December 5, 2010


       Karen Silkwood was a women that worked for as a chemical technician for Kerr-McGee plant and later became a union activist at the plant. The plant was responsible for producing material for nuclear systems, and the employees worked with radioactive material on a daily basis including Karen Silkwood.. After finding unhealthy safety events taking place in the plant, she began to her own investigation that was going to go public. Before this could happen, she was killed in a car accident that took place the night she was supposedly going to release her evidence to a reporter. She had also had issues of being infected or burned with radioactive material that seemed to be an intentional set up. Her death was determined to be an accident because she was found with drugs and alcohol in her system but many people believe she was murdered by being run off the road.

      My opinion of the movie and the situation is that she was probably on the right track with her evidence, but i do not believe she was murdered. I think she was meant to be scared at the plant by her incidents with the radioactive material. I think they wanted to make her quit and that was all they were trying to achieve. I do think the movie was very well done to leave it up to the viewer to make up his or her own mind. It did start out very slow, but I can understand why they wanted us to completely understand her background.

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